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Cinematography & Photography

Cinematography & Photography

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Short Description:-

Welcome to the introduction of Photography & Cinematography

Are you a Beginner? 

This course will give you an insight of  Photography & Cinematography.

It will help you to learn basics and terms that are used which will help you during the shoot.

We will learn different angles and frames that are used while shooting. It will also give you insight into the complete basics of what lighting is.  You will also learn the technical part of it which will help you to shoot.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –
1) Fundamentals of Photography & Cinematography
2) Camera angles and its movements
3) Fundamentals of Lighting
4) Different techniques of editing
5) Transitions in editing
6) How to frame a shot
7) fundamentals of composition

Q2) Curriculum –
1) Introduction to the course
2) Fundamentals of cinematography
3) Fundamentals of Lighting
4) Fundamentals of Composition
5) Camera angles and its movements
6) Framing & lighting a shot
7) Editing techniques and transitions
8) Introduction to Photography
9) Composition and lighting fundamentals of still Photography
10) lets talk about films!

9 Modules - 9 Videos
Cinematography and its Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals and importance of cinematography in today's world - 9:26 Min

Camera angles and its movements

learn different types of camera angles and movements used in films - 10:25 Min

Framing of a shot

Learn the rules behind framing a shot - 4:59 Min

Lighting of a shot

Learn how to light a shot as its done in a film - 6:02 Min

Different techniques of editing

Learn the different techniques of editing used by the best editors in the film industry - 7:39 Min

Film editing transitions

Learn the transitions vastly used in Hollywood films - 10:49 Min

Introduction to photography

Learn the fundamentals of Photography - 7:48 Min

Fundamentals of Lighting in Photography

Learn how to light a still shot  - 4:42 Min

Fundamentals of Composition and Lets discuss!

learn the fundamentals of composition and lets talk about films - 6:26 Min

Q1) What Is The Future Of Photography & Cinematography?

In the day to day of our lives we click photographs whether it is a selfie, food picture or something that amazes you. A generation where photography and shooting has become a part of our lives. Doing it professionally will not pay you well but even give you joy doing  it  if you love to do it. A lot Social media influencers and vloggers need photographers and cinematographers to shoot their videos and their Photos. So there is a huge demand in such a profession. There are different types of professions in this category. Such as

1) Director

2) Cinematographer

3) Food Photographer

4) Fashion Photographers

Q2) Requirements – 

1) Mobile phone/tablet/Laptop/Desktop

2) Internet access

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