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Introduction to illustrator

Introduction to illustrator

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Short Description:-

Are you a Beginner? 

This course will give you an insight of designing. It will help you to learn basics of designing and how to go about illustrator software.

We will learn how to create beautiful illustrations and text effect which will help you to make good creatives and art . This course will teach you from scratch on how to use the Interface to creating some amazing 2d Designs.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) How to create illustration

2) Learn a very important tool ( pen Tool)

3) Designing a logo

4) Learn to different text effects.

5) How to choose your own color palate.

6) Learn to create beautiful design.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Introduction (Introduction to Illustrator and what you will learn in this course)

2) How to install illustrator and create your first project

3) Fundamental tools of illustrator

4) Creating illustration using shapes

5) Learn to use pen tool and create a cartoon character

6) Design a logo

7) Learn typography and its different effects

8) Create easy patterns

9) Draw Symmetrical shapes

10) How to make your own swatches and get to know websites.

6 Modules - 6 Videos
How to install Illustrator and create your first project!

Install Illustrator on your PC and learn how to create new projects. - 8:28 Min

Fundamental tools of illustrator

Learn different tools of Illustrator which will help you in your future assignments. - 8:28 Min

Creating illustration using shapes

Learn how to make simple illustrations using basic shapes like circle, square, triangle etc - 13:08 Min

Learn to use pen tool and create a cartoon character

Learn pen tool in detail by working on a cartoon illustration. - 18:06 Min

Design a logo

Learn how to create a logo from scratch. - 18:34 Min

Learn typography and its different effects

Learn use of typography and different effects in Illustrator. - 7:41 Min

Q1) What Is The Future Of Designing?

Design has been  a part of our day to day life, we can see it everywhere weather its your TV logo or your product packaging. It also very easy to learn design as we have different software's like Canva, Photoshop , Illustrator etc. Designs and its types have been increasingly popular over the time. Learning designing we help you in everyday chores like making Instagram story/post. Presentation, Editing your own images and etc.

There are different fields in Designing. Such as

1) Graphic Design

2) Web design 

3) Product design

4) Architect Design

Q2) Requirements – 

1) Mobile phone/tablet/Laptop/Desktop

2) Internet access

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