Career Growth

Texturing/surfacing artist

  • Texture the props/characters of the film/game.
  • UV mapping.
  • Give rough renders for review.
  • Add subtle details to the model.

Character design artist

  • Design characters of the project.
  • Adapt to the art style of the film.
  • Flexible for feedback and changes from the art director.
  • Work on the shading and finalizing the characters.
  • Work along with the 3D department to understand the technical needs.

Storyboard artist

  • Visualize and draw out the sequence of images on paper from the script.
  • Draw out a variety of shots which will help to tell out the story in a clear and entertaining manner.
  • Make sure all the shots have continuity throughout the film/project.
  • Planning out the shot.
  • Creating the composition of the shot.

Prop Modeling artist

  • Creating props of the project.
  • Making sure the modeling of the rigged props is done according to the constraints
  • Planning if the props are supposed to be done in 3D or to be covered in matt paintings.

Enviroment/Layout artist

  • Creating the 3D environment around the characters of the film.
  • Modeling elements from the concept art into 3D.
  • Setting up the scene in 3D with props and camera.
  • Designing the landscape and the scene

Concept artist

  • Be an important part of the pre production process and create digital paintings of the project.
  • Work on the art style of the project.
  • Design and create matt paintings.

Lighting artist

  • Give rough renders for review.
  • Propose lighting of the shot to the animators to give them an idea.
  • Work on the shading of the prop/character of the project.
  • Make sure the lighting of the scene is done properly.

3D & 2D Animator

  • Breathing life into a film character.
  • Storyboarding film shots.
  • Video referencing the acting of a character before starting with an animation.
  • Rough layout animations of a shot to give the director an idea about the sequence.
  • Layering and finalizing animation shots after implementing the director's feedback.

3D Modeling artist

  • Modeling the characters in the film.
  • Setting up the UVs right for the texturing department.
  • Having a good knowledge about rigging and implementing it in the 3D model.