3D Animation course in Pune

0-8 Classes
  • Curriculum Includes
    3D Interface, Introduction to modeling, shading, texturing, lighting, rendering & compositing. Get an insight of the 3D animation world.
  • ₹ 11000

    ₹ 14,400
    Price Per Class ₹ 1375
0-41 Classes
  • Curriculum Includes
    Character modeling, animation acting shot, set lighting, shading & texturing, rigging basics, rendering & compositing a final shot. Create your portfolio.
  • ₹ 65600

    ₹ 72800
    Price Per Class ₹ 1600
0-110 Classes
  • Curriculum Includes
    3D Animation showcase, 11 second animated shot, animate, shade, texture, light and take feedback in the master class. Pursue a paid internship after masterclass.
  • ₹ 166100

    ₹ 225000
    Price Per Class ₹ 1510

Introduction to 3D Animation course in Pune

Our 3D Animation course in Pune is enthralling. You may have fantasized about making your own movies, TV shows, characters, plots, and so much more since you were a child. Your aspirations can finally come true with Aartoon's 3D animation course in Pune. 3D Animation is an animation course that teaches you how to use a variety of animation techniques in the animation process. Join this Animation Course to learn skills that can help you become the best in your area.

Courses Overview -

Aartoon’s 3D Animation Course in Pune covers the entire process of making an animation film, from pre-production and production to post-production. 
Important aspects such as storyboarding, 3D design, rigging, lighting, shading, animation, texturing, modelling and compositing are highlighted.
A 3D Animation course is an excellent place to start for aspiring animators and CG artists looking to break into the industry. You will receive 
hands-on training in the most recent and in-demand software, such as Maya and Blender. You will also learn the skills needed to become a successful 
3D Generalist such as directing, cinematography, editing, and lighting. Our 3D Animation course will provide you with a solid foundation and 
understanding of 12 animation principles. Our mentors will teach you everything you need to know about storyboarding, ideation, referencing, 
all the way to finalizing the animated shots. As the final goal, we will focus on creating a basic character model. You will learn how to surface, 
light, shade and render the model using Substance Painter or Mari. This program prepares students to be job-ready professionals who are recruited
and hired by animation studios. Under the guidance of our mentors, We help our students in preparing their portfolio, Cover letter and CV’s so that 
they can get the right paid internship in the industry.

Curriculum breakdown –

1) 3D interface
  • Different cameras in Maya & Outliner
  • Channel box & Attribute editor
  • Project window
  • Understanding Edges, vertices, faces & edge flow Timeline

2) 3D Animation
  • Introduction to Maya
  • Introduction to 3D Animation & Rigs
  • Posing a Character
  • Timing & Spacing (Ball bounce)
  • Overlap & Follow Through (Ball bouncing with a tail)
  • Full Body Walk Cycle
  • Full Body Run Cycle
  • Walk Across the Screen 01
  • Run Across the Screen 02
  • Facial expressions
  • Short acting clip with basic lighting and presentation

3D Animation Assignments - 
  • Ball bounce
  • Driving pendulum
  • Walk cycle
  • Character expressions
  • Acting reference shot
3) 3D Modeling
  • Introduction to Modelling
  • Modeling tools (Extrude, Multicut, Bridge, Fill hole etc)
  • Blocking a simple Model with Reference
  • Model Finalizing and Clean-up
  • Detailed model with presentation
  • UV Theory
  • UV Layout and Texture Preparation
  • Introduction to Mari or Substance Painter
  • Texturing in Substance Painter or Mari
  • Character modelling, lighting, shading, texturing and rendering presentation.

3D modeling assignments - 
  • Coke can, Watch, Mobile phone, Isometric room, Set lighting, Character Model.
  • Coke can
  • Watch/Mobile phone
  • Isometric room
  • Set lighting
  • Character Model
4) 3D Lighting & Texturing
  • UV Projection
  • 3-point lighting
  • UV Unfolding
  • Basics of shading (Hypershader)
  • Diffuse, Specular & Bump Maps

5) Rigging & Animation
  • What is parenting, joints & Hierarchy?
  • Constraints
  • Keys and spacing
  • Work with graph editor
  • Animation principals
  • Acting

6) Rendering & Compositing

  • Batch Rendering
  • Layers & Passes
  • Render settings
  • Composite the render.
  • color correction
  • Prop rigging and skinning

7) Cover letter, CV & Showreel

With the mentor’s guidance, the student creates their impressive show reel and applies for an internship.

Computer Requirements

  • Basic computer skills
  • PC/laptop with a mouse and keypad/keyboard
  • A 4gb ram computer with a basic graphic card.


Course Summary

  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Commitment: 20 hours weekly
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Software: Maya or Blender