About Us

About us

Welcome to Aartoon

Aartoon Education is an online learning platform which provides Animation and Design courses in Pune. These courses are created by some of the best artists in the world who are currently working in the animation and design industry. These courses (Videos) are interactive and there are quizzes in-between the modules of courses to keep a check on the learning of the students. The students can upload their portfolio on the platform and can send it for a review to the industry experts as well.

Aartoon education was formed in the year 2022 by Mr. Rohan Kotnis to bridge the skill gap between Indian artists and artists all around the world. He realized that the artists who live out of India receive art education at preliminary school stage, hence their work standards turn out to be much better than the Indian artists. With the mission of introducing animation and design in the Indian school curriculum, Aartoon animation institute in Pune was formed. All the mentors have completed their masters from France and are currently working full-time in the animation industry.  Apart from the education, we also help our students to find the right placement in the animation industry after the completion of the course. We prepare our students with impressive portfolios which will help them grab the right opportunity in the industry.

We at Aartoon ensure our students find engaging content and interactive activities designed to ensure there is an optimum balance between theoretical and practical knowledge so that students are already efficient in their respective jobs/ self-employment from Day 1 itself and do not need to rely on their on the job training to make them efficient in their specializations. By mixing academic reading, interactive courses, learning through visualization, and practical projects, students are able to explore a topic through many possible perspectives. .