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Motion graphics in After effects

Motion graphics in After effects

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Short Description:-

Welcome to the world of motion design and logo animation. 

Are you Interested in learning After effects? 

This course will give you an insight of motion graphics and animation, using Industry’s most powerful and versatile software called Adobe after effect. In this video lecture series you will be guided through the basic interface of after effects, collecting best artwork for your animation, creating amazing visual effects, motion graphics, text animation, logo animation, how to apply special effects and many more industry oriented projects .

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) How to create layer-based animation.

2) Basics of motion design.

3) Fundamental of after effects.

4) Get an insight of special effects.

5) Understanding the interface of motion graphics software

6) How to animate Text and logos.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Understanding Motion graphics

2) How to install and open After effects

3) Get familiar with the interface

4) Basic Composition

5) Understanding Layer Animation

6) Animating Text effects

7) Title Animation

8) Understanding Effects

9) Special effect for videos

10) Working with external files

11) Compositing files with text

12) Working with brand logos

13) Adding special effects

13 Modules - 13 Videos
Understanding Motion graphics

Learn what is Motion graphics and why is it used so widely - 5:01 Min

How to Install and open after effects

Install After effects in your pc and learn about its dashboard - 14:30 Min

Get familiar with the interface

Learn about the interface of after effects and its basic tools - 8:30 Min

Basic composition

Create your first composition in after effects. - 13:42 Min

Airplane Animation

Create your first airplane animation in After effects. - 10:42 Min

Animating text effects

Learn how to animate text effects  - 14:36 Min

Text animation Presets

Get to know the different text presets After effects has to offer - 10:51 Min

Understanding Effects

What are effects and how can we use them as per our requirements - 7:08 Min

Applying glow and reflection

Learn about special effects like glow and reflection - 6:03 Min

Creating rain effects

Create and animate rain effects for your scene - 12:!2 Min

Working with an external File

How to include an external file into your scene - 10:44 Min

Working with brand logos

Learn how to create and animate logos  - 7:33 Min

Adding special effects

Learn about adding special effects and when to use them - 7:28 Min

Q1) What Is the Future Of motion graphics?

Motion graphics is been used in almost every digital advertisement and social media promotion even in television industry and new broadcast.  The use of motion graphics has been increased for the better presentation . Emergence of E-learning industry has also boost up with the incorporation of motion graphics y creating info graphics and presentation now a days motion is been widely used in the field of -

1) Animation 

2) Visual effects

3) Gaming industry 

4) Social media 

5) E learning education 

6) Television graphics 

7) TV shows

8) News broadcast 

9) Logo animation 

10) Title Animation 

Q2) Requirements – 

1) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.

2) Internet access

3) Stylus/tablet (Optional)

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