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3D Modeling in phone

3D Modeling in phone

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Short Description:-

Welcome to the introduction of 3D Modeling.

Are you a Beginner?

This course will give you an insight of what is 3d modeling. Before working on Maya, Blender or Unity, you should take this course to understand the basic fundamental tools of 3D.

We will learn 3D Modeling in The 3D Modeling application in android

And IOS. This course will teach you from scratch on how to use the Interface to creating some amazing 3D models.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) How to create 3D Models.

2) Basics of shading.

3) Fundamental tools of 3D.

4) Create a portfolio of 3D Modeling.

5) Get an insight of Modeling.

6) Understanding the interface of 3D

7) How to use the 3D modeling application.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Course Overview

2) Fundamental tools of 3D Modeling application.

3) Model a Camera.

4) Lets create a 3D Car.

5) Create your own 3D Character.

4 Modules - 11 Videos
Fundamental Tools of 3D Modeling Part 1

Learn the fundamental tools of the application 3D modeling part 1 - 5:41 Min

Fundamental Tools of 3D Modeling Part 2

Learn the fundamental tools of the application 3D modeling part 2 - 3:39 Min

Model a 3D Camera

Start creating a camera with learning the basic tools of modeling - 6:50 Min

3D Car Basic Structure

Create the basic structure of a car - 5:17 Min

3D Car Wheel, Headlights and windshield

Add more details to your car model - 5:36 Min

3D Car Finishing and Shading

Finish your car model and learn the basics of shading - 7:00 Min

3D Character Head and moustache

Start modeling the head and moustache of your character looking at a reference - 5:56 Min

3D Character Torso

Model the torso of your character  - 5:38 Min

3D Character Other half, Hands and Shading

Duplicate the other half of your character, model the hands and shade your 3D character - 4:18 Min

3D Character Eyes

Model and place the eyes of your character - 4:36 Min

3D Character Finishing and Shaders

Finish modeling your 3d character and learn about more shaders - 4:19 Min

Q1) What Is The Future Of 3D Modeling?

Games, VFX Films and 3D animated films have been increasingly popular over the time. These industries constantly need 3D Artists who have adequate skills to meet the opportunity. With the rise of AR and VR industry this field is going to be really popular in the upcoming years.


2) 3D Animated Films

3) Games

4) AR/VR Industry

5) Advertising

6) Sample house and product videos

Q2) Requirements – 

1) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.

2) Internet access

3) Stylus/tablet (Optional)

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