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Storytelling & Storyboarding

Storytelling & Storyboarding

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Short Description:-

What is storyboarding?

The art of telling stories in an engaging way is called storytelling. Storytelling has been the most ancient way of entertainment for human beings. It has developed to media entertainment over time.

What is storyboarding?

A storyboard is a visual representation of a film sequence and breaks down the action into individual panels. It is a series of ordered drawings, with camera direction, dialogue, or other pertinent details. It sketches out how a video will unfold, shot by shot.

In this course you will learn in detail how to develop stories, draw storyboards and convert your story step by step into a storyboard. You do not need any previous experience in drawing to learn this course. You will be learning the basics of drawing in storyboard as well.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) How to develop Stories.

2) How to communicate it to your audience.

3) How to create Storyboards.

4) What are the different types of camera angles.

5) How could you use different shots as an establishment shot.

6) Learn what is Dutch angle? Where can we use such angles.

7) Learn what are the different types of shots used in film making.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Learn how to begin a story.

2) What is character development? And how to add layers to your character step by step

3) Understanding what are internal and external features

4) Developing wants and needs of your character

5) What are stakes?

6) Learning beats and themes of a story

7) Breaking down your story into ACT 1, ACT 2, & ACT 3

8) Understanding what is storyboard and what are the different types of Camera angles.

9) Lets convert a simple story into a storyboard.

10) Understand what is continuity and how to use different shots as an establishment shot.

11) Basics of Over the shoulder shot and few tricks about Dutch angle shot.

12 Modules - 12 Videos
Beginning of a story

Learn how to begin a story - 5:15 Min

Character Development

Start developing your character in  a well guided manner - 6:06 Min

Internal and external features of a character

Explore the internal and external features of your character for better development - 5:31 Min

Wants and Needs of a character

Lets understand the difference between want and need of your character - 4:38 Min

What are stakes?

Learn how stakes make your stories engaging - 6:27 Min

Beats & Theme of a story

Learn about the beats and themes of a story - 6:29 Min

Act 1 & Act 2

What are Act 1 & Act 2 of a story - 6:02 Min

Act 3

what is an Act 3 of a story - 5:25 Min

What is a Storyboard?

Learn how to create a simple storyboard  - 7:08 Min

Convert a story into storyboard

learn how to convert a simple story into a a storyboard - 9:21 Min

Exploration of some more Camera angles

Learn the different types of camera angles which will help you in storyboarding - 5:26 Min

What is Dutch angle, lets explore!

Learn how a Dutch angle adds a dynamic look to your shot  - 6:17 Min

Q1) What Is the Future of Storytelling & Storyboarding?

Planning as always been a key element in Filmmaking. Storyboard just about solves the problem. Preproduction has been a popular and demanding pipeline in the industry. 

1) Preproduction in films

2) 3D Animated Films

3) Product Design

4) Architecture

5) Advertising

6) Fashion designing.

Q2) Requirements – 

1) Pen and paper.

2) Internet access

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