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2D Animation in Flipaclip

2D Animation in Flipaclip

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Short Description:-

Welcome to the introduction of 2D Animation.

What is 2D Animation?

The only course which will teach 2D Animation on your mobile phone. It will give you a good insight of the 2d animation world.

After completion of the course, you will have a creative animation portfolio of rocket launching, ball bounce, a fight scene and walk cycle of a character. Before we get into 2D animation, let’s first understand what is 2D. A 2D shape is a figure or object with two dimensions, namely length, and height. Anything you move in 2D dimensional space is called 2d animation.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) How to create 2d animation.

2) Create simple and creative animations on your phone

3) 12 principals of animation.

4) Create a portfolio of 2d animation

5) Get an insight of animation.

6) Pose to pose and straight ahead animation techniques.

7) How to start with basic drawing.

8) How to use flipaclip.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Course Overview

2) Install Flipaclip and make your first project!

3) Fundamental tools of Flipaclip

4) Create your First Ball bounce animation!

5) Animate a Fight Scene.

6) Character walk cycle.

7 Modules - 14 Videos
Install blue stacks

Install blue stacks so that you can use Flipaclip application on your PC/laptop as well - 3:04 Min

Install Flipaclip and make your first project

Explore the dashboard of Flipaclip - 2:31 Min

Fundamental tools of Flipaclip

Learn the different tools which Flipaclip has to offer - 4:01 Min

Animate a rocket

Create your first 2D animation and learn the basics of 12 principals of animation - 11:44 Min

Ball bouncing animation part 1

Understand the physics and dynamics behind ball bouncing animation - 2:24 Min

Ball bouncing animation part 2

Learn about the animation principals we are going to implement majorly in this assignment - 4:55 Min

Ball bouncing animation part 3

Start working on your ball bouncing animation  - 4:15 Min

Animate a fight scene

Create a quick animation of a human kick  - 11:05 Min

Pre walk cycle

Learn about the physics and dynamics of a human walk cycle - 3:15 Min

Walk cycle part 1

Create the contact poses for your walk cycle - 6:28 Min

Walk cycle part 2

Draw the standing in between poses for your walk cycle - 5:04 Min

Walk cycle part 3

Draw the up and down key poses for your walk cycle - 11:23 Min

Walk cycle part 4

Draw more in between poses for your up and down positions - 8:04 Min

Walk cycle part 5

Animate the hands & refine the walk cycle animation - 10:04 Min

Q1) What Is the Future of 2D Animation?
With the growth of social media platforms, 2D animation videos are made for a number of reasons in various industries, namely - 
1) 2D Explainer Videos
2) Corporate Videos  
3) Animated Whiteboard Videos
4) Social Advertisements
5) Infotainment Videos
6) Product Demos
7) Teaser Videos

Q2) Requirements – 
1) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.
2) Internet access
3) Stylus/tablet (Optional)

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