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Color and Design in Canva

Color and Design in Canva

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Short Description:-

Do you enjoy playing with colors and shapes?

Then this course is designed especially for you. Color and design have been a very important part of our life, whether it is in graphic design, fashion design or even the importance of colors in our day to day life for e.g. the use of colors in traffic signal. In this course you will learn how to use colors, shapes, Design principals, Hierarchy, elements of design and much more, these will help you to get the best out of your designs. Further on you will learn how to implement this knowledge in creating film posters, business cards and social media creatives in Canva.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) The usage of typography and fonts in designs.

2) How to choose and combine a font.

3) How hierarchy helps in designing.

4) What is Leading, Tracking and kerning.

5) Important usage of colors.

6) Primary and secondary colors.

7) Color schemes like Monochromatic, Analogous etc

8) Learn the basics of Layout and Composition

9) Five basic Principals of Design –

10) Proximity

11) Negative space

12) Alignment

13) Hierarchy

14) Consistency

15) Fundamentals of design –

16) Line, shape, form, texture and balance

17) Interface of Canva.

18) Social media creatives, business cards, film posters in canva.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Course Overview

2) Introduction to Color and Design.

3) Hierarchy and introduction to color.

4) Understanding Color schemes.

5) Layout and composition with rules.

6) Introduction to canva

9 Modules - 12 Videos
Introduction to color and design

Learn the fundamentals of design and color - 6:32 Min

Hierarchy and introduction to Color

Learn what is hierarchy in design and what are the different types of color scheemes - 6:33 Min

Color schemes

Learn about color schemes in detail - 6:45 Min

Layout and composition with rules

What is layout, rule of thirds and rules you need to follow while compositing your design - 9:21 Min

Introduction to Canva dashboard

Explore the  functionalities of Canva - 4:24 Min

Fundamental tools of Canva

Learn the different tools Canva has to offer - 6:21 Min

Creating an Instagram creative

Start working on your first assignment in Canva  - 5:03 Min

Designing a Film poster part 1

Implement the knowledge of hierarchy, layout, color and composition in creating a film poster - 5:55 Min

Designing a Film poster part 2

Add details and finish the film poster - 3:52 Min

Business card Planning

Plan out your business card before you start your design - 4:35 Min

Business card Production Part 1

Start designing your business card with implementing the knowledge of design - 6:24 Min

Business card Production Part 2

Finish your business card design with adding a few details - 5:51 Min

Q1) What Is the importance of color and design?

Every company needs marketing, thus arises the job opportunities to all the designers. From advertising to Real estate to live action films, every company needs good designers to take their brand forward. You can expect Designers to do well in the following field

1) Advertising Agency

2) Live action films

3) Product designing

4) Real estate firms for marketing

5) Food and beverages industry 

6) Graphic design

Q2) Requirements – 

1) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.

2) Internet access

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