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Short Description:-

Welcome to the introduction of Doodling.

Are you a Beginner?

This course will give you an insight of what Doodling is. If you’re the one who loves to scribble and draw doodling, you should take this course to learn different types of doodling and create your own doodling artworks. We will learn different types of doodling like floral doodling, food doodling, Animal doodling and so on. This course will teach you from scratch material knowledge to creating some amazing doodle artworks.

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) Material knowledge.

2) How to create different doodling patterns & fillers and where to make use of it.

3) Basic knowledge of different shapes and how to use it in Doodling.

4) How to create different expressions and make use of it.

5) Understanding basics of line drawing.

6) Create your own bookmark.

7) How to do research and collect reference pictures for doodling.

8) Get an insight of composition.

9) How to create the basic shape of different flowers.

10) Different ways of decorating your doodle artwork.

11) Understanding the basic shape of the human body .

12) Different doodling hairstyles for females and males.

13) Features and faces of animals.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Introduction of material and Doodling patterns.

2) Shape doodling + Bookmark

3) Food doodling And gadget doodling.

4) Floral Doodling

5) Figure Doodling, hairstyle doodling and animal doodling

5 Modules - 5 Videos
Doodling patterns

Doodle different patterns in small thumbnails & explore your creativity - 4:20 Min

Shapes and Expressions

Learn different shapes like open ended, close ended, 2d & 3d shapes followed by simple expressions. - 4:22 Min

Food and gadget doodling

Learn how to doodle complex food objects and gadgets from basic shapes - 4:40 Min

Floral doodling

Learn how to doodle complex florals using basic patterns - 5:08 Min

Features and character face doodling

Doodle different characters with their different bodies, expressions & clothes  - 6:02 Min

Q1) What are the 5 Benefits of a Daily Doodle?

1) Improved Memory- Doodling has been scientifically proven to improve the retention of information as well as focus and concentration on the task at hand.

2) Better Concentration

3) Stress Relief

4) Keeps us in the 'present moment

5) Enhanced Creativity

Q2) Requirements –

1) Pencil, Eraser , Ruler and Drawing paper sheet.

2) Normal pen/ Micro tip Pen.

3) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.

4) Internet access

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    Mamta Vishnu Tayade
    Jan 03, 2023

    very Nice and simply explain

    / 4 Star

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