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Digital painting in photoshop

Digital painting in photoshop

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Short Description:-

Welcome to the Photoshop digital art course series.

This course is design to enhance your drawing and art skills to next levels. This course will cover up basic fundamentals to popular painting techniques. This course will drive you through the initial understanding of basic shapes forms, colors, brushes to design character illustrations and comic scenes through digital painting  Get your hands on practice  in digital art through this video series  to become an amazing digital artist. 

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) Basic concepts of Digital painting.

2) Basics of Scene Illustration.

3) How to crate grasses and trees.

4) Painting cartoons and animals.

5) Understating lighting shading.

6) Understanding color grading.

7) How to use filters and effects.

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Understanding Digital painting

2) How to install and open Photoshop.

3) Get familiar with the interface (Explanation of the software)

4) Basic Composition & transform

5) Creating River & boat scenery

6) Understanding gradients and Painting grasses (Painting hairy dog face)

7) Understanding concepts of brushes (painting a tree)

8) let’s paint a complete Scene (an evening Scenery)

9) Introduction to lighting and shading

10) Understanding Shading in Photoshop

11) Painting an Apple in Photoshop

12) Adding more detail in Digital art

13) Preparing your sketch for painting

14) Greyscale painting a cartoon dog

15) Coloring with adjustments and modes

16) Drawing a simple bowl from reference sketch

17) Refining digital art and adding water in it

18) Combining digital arts and color grading

18 Modules - 18 Videos
Understanding Digital painting

Learn what is Digital painting and prepare to dive into an amazing journey of digital art.  - 3:46 Min

How to install and open Photoshop

Install Photoshop on your pc  & understand the dashboard - 6:08 Min

Get familiar with the interface

Understand the interface and different tools of Photoshop. - 7:25 Min

Basic Composition transform

Start creating your first assignment in Photoshop. - 10:18 Min

Creating River boat scenery

Continue working on your river boat scenery. - 8:41 Min

Understanding gradients and painting grasses

Learn how to paint organic objects with gradients - 10:46 Min

Understanding concepts of brushes

Learn how to use different brushes and how we can use them as per our requirement. - 12:33 Min

Lets paint a complete Scene.

Paint a complete scene to understand the fundamentals of digital art. - 9:48 Min

Introduction to lighting and shading.

Learn the fundamentals of lighting and shading in digital art. - 5:43 Min

Understanding Shading in Photoshop

Get into the depth of shading. - 10:44 Min

Painting an Apple in Photoshop.

Start painting an apple in Photoshop to understand the value of shading and lighting. - 7:24 Min

Adding more detail in Digital art

Adding more detail to the apple painting to make it look realistic! - 8:26 Min

Prepare your sketch for painting

Prepare a dog sketch to convert it into digital art. - 8:09 Min

Greyscale painting a cartoon dog

Convert your sketch to a grey scale painting before adding colors to it - 10:18 Min

Coloring with adjustments and modes

Add colors to your dog sketch and make it look attractive - 7:38 Min

Drawing a simple bowl from reference sketch

Start designing a bowl for the dog's digital art  - 8:07 Min

Refining digital art and adding water in it

Adding more detail to our digital art. - 5:17 Min

Combining digital arts and color grading

Combine the dog and bowl digital art and with a good understanding of color grading. - 7:43 Min

Q1) What Is the Future of Digital painting?

Digital painting is been widely Used in Comics books illustration to Films and Games backgrounds ,It has been extensively used in  VFX Films  and series for creating matte paintings .and the technology  have been increasingly popular over the time. The design and animation vfx industry is  constantly looking for passionate creative digital illustration and painting  Artists who have adequate skills to meet the opportunity.  You can easily find the scope of Digital paintings in Book Illustration 

1) Films 

2) Gaming 

3) Visual effects 

4) Animation 

5) Advertising 


Q2) Requirements – 

1) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.

2) Internet access

3) Stylus/tablet (Optional)

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