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3D Animation and Modeling in Blender

3D Animation and Modeling in Blender

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Short Description:-

Welcome to the Modeling & Animation in Blender 3D.
Blender is a 3d modeling and animation software and is free to use. This course will give you an insight of what is 3d modeling, how to texture your 3d models, applying lighting and creating simple animation using Blender 3d. 

Course Description

Q1) What you’ll learn –

1) Understanding the interface of 3D

2) How to use the 3D modeling application.

3) How to create 3D Models.

4) Understanding Texturing shading.

5) Working with lighting.

6) Dynamics in blender

7) Creating Key frames in Animation

Q2) Curriculum –

1) Introduction to 3d modeling animation

2) How to Install Blender into PC

3) Get familiar with the interface (Explanation of the software)

4) Modeling a simple Table

5) Using modifiers to create chair

6) Basic shading and texturing

7) Modeling an Interior scene

8) Shading and rendering Interior

9) Understanding Animation in blender

10) Physics simulation

11) Animating cloth in blender

12) Creating complex objects for Animation

13) Animating Airplane on path

11 Modules - 11 Videos
How to install blender into pc

Learn how to install blender for free in your pc. - 6:49 Min

Get familiar with the interface

Learn how to move around in blender using the basic tools. - 10:46 Min

Modeling a simple table

Its time to model a simple table using different modeling tools. - 8:20 Min

Using modifiers to create a chair

Learn about different modifiers in blender. - 23:15 Min

Basic shading and texturing

learn how to shade and texture 3D models in blender. - 10:22 Min

Modeling an interior scene

Learn the basics of interior 3D modeling. - 16:48 Min

Shading and rendering the interior scene

Shade and render the 3D interior set, and understand the fundamentals of shading.  - 12:31 Min

Understanding animation in blender

Introduction to animation in blender. - 15:24 Min

Physics simulation

Introduction to physics simulation in blender. - 8:33 Min

Creating flag animation

Start with a flag animation to understand the basics of animation. - 17:31 Min

Animating an airplane on a path

Model and animate and airplane in Blender. - 21:30 Min

Q1) What Is the Future Of 3D Modeling and animation?
Games, VFX Films and 3D animated films have been increasingly popular over the time. These industries constantly need 3D Artists who have adequate skills to meet the opportunity. With the rise of AR and VR industry this field is going to be really popular in the upcoming years.
2) 3D Animated Films
3) Games
4) AR/VR Industry
5) Advertising
6) Sample house and product videos

Q2) Requirements – 
1) Mobile phone/tablet/pc.
2) Internet access
3) Stylus/tablet (Optional)

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