Graphic design course in Pune

What is Graphic design?

If you love the idea of designing things and working with software, but your dream is to work in a creative agency, Graphic design is the perfect career for you. Unlike deciding to become a painter or a sculptor, it isn't as difficult to set up your own digital art studio at home. Digital artists use programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create anything ranging from user interface designs for apps, posters and advertisements and video game graphics!   

Graphic Design has exploded over recent decades thanks to the proliferation of digital technology. This has led to both an increase in demand for those who can design beautiful stuff and an increase in supply of people who want to get into this field. Graphic design is incredibly versatile—it's not just about having graphic design skills and knowing how to use the right software. You really need a broad range of knowledge about various kinds of media: illustration, photography, painting, animation…the list goes on! With so many options available for producing such high-quality work these days, there's no doubt that being a digital artist is one of the most exciting careers out there today! 

Graphic Designing

Graphic Design is a course in which students learn to apply the principles, methods, and techniques of visual communication. They learn how to process information and create products that visually communicate a message or feeling. Graphic designers are employed by advertising agencies, businesses and corporate communications departments, publishing companies, newspapers and magazines. They also run their own design studios or work as freelancers.

Communication design necessitates graphic design. Graphic Design students will find that their courses of study focus on a variety of topics such as typography and font design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, and corporate identity systems. Through the utilization of information technology, students would be exposed to computer graphics, multimedia, and web design. For Graphic Design projects, students use software such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe after Effects etc.

Graphic Design courses are appropriate for candidates who are naturally gifted in the areas of creativity and visual communication. Aartoon’s graphic design courses, on the other hand, provide students with the information and abilities they need to work as a professional graphic designer.

Graphic design is an activity that combines creativity, strategy, management, and technology. Its main focus is on creating visual solutions to communication issues. A Graphic Design learner is honed to become a disciplinary 'designer' who integrates the idioms and approaches of other disciplines as science, medicine, engineering and information technology, resulting in an interdisciplinary contribution to achieve collaborative, multidimensional and hybrid visual skills. A graphic design student will be trained in identity design, typography, editorial and editorial design, information design, illustration, photography, packaging, social impact design, graphic design for shows and movie titles, web and game interface design, interaction, environment and display graphics, merchandising, signage and pictogram systems, data visualization, and any other activity that involves modelling visual forms in print, online, and  Designers are active in developing services, displaying information, and generating visual experiences as they move away from concrete object-oriented responses towards experiential or service-oriented design responses.  Learners are taught to develop intellectual sensibility and skill, which are fostered through educational training and professional experience, in order to create designs or images for reproduction across multiple media, thereby creating meaning for a diverse community of users. They use critical thinking, creativity, experimentation, and assessment to design communication systems and experiences for the improvement of people and the environment, all  guided by an inclusive approach that values ​​diversity and respects human, environmental and cultural diversity.   They must master both technologies and production techniques at the same time in order to provide comprehensive deliverables. As a graphic designer you can work independently on your own projects with the client coming to you or sometimes you may be asked to design something within an existing organization. In either case you will need to be able to communicate well with people from different backgrounds and have good organizational skills.

At Aartoon, we have a well-equipped campus with all sort of advanced technology that helps in learning Graphic Design and Animation. Students can work as animators or visual effect artists. We also give students many internship opportunities where they learn about the latest technologies and build their show reels. As one of the Best Graphic Design Institute, We help students to achieve their dream career as an artist by providing them with the necessary required knowledge.

If you are looking for a successful career in design, enroll now! Because it's time to make your wish come true.

5 Questions to ask yourself before enrolling in Animation and Graphic Design course.

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about something really important. It's that time of the year when a lot of students or a lot of people are deciding what career they should follow or what profession they should pursue. I have prepared these five questions, if you answer these, it would definitely be easier for you to choose whether to go in a creative field or not. So let's start.

Question 1). Are you artistic? Do you have an artistic eye?

For example, as a school kid, did you doodle pictures at the back of your math notebook?

Question 2) Do you have a sense of ownership?

Sense of ownership meaning, are you proud or passionate about anything you create, whether it be good or bad, but you have the sense of creation in you, then that's a plus point.

Question 3) Are you a good observant?

Say, if you're sitting in a room full of people, do you like to observe people? Do you like to observe their behavior? Do you like to observe the objects around you? So you could ask yourself this question as well! The next question is something which I personally believe you should always ask yourself if you're going into a creative field

Question 4) Do you have a good sense of humor?

If you notice all the good designers or all the top animators have an edge of sense of humor over other people. For e.g. if they're sitting in a group, they naturally have a tendency of making others laugh. Now, this is a point which is very subjective. So ask yourself this!

Question 5) Are you logical enough? Do you have logic before every action you take?

There is a strong sense of logic behind all the work which the top animators or graphic designers do. So next time, whenever you meet them, you could probably ask them what the logic was behind their particular work.